01 June 2010

Happy Graduation Roosevelt Seniors!

My nostalgia about the Seniors graduating is in full force, so I decided to buy a school lunch today and spend one of the last lunch periods with Roosevelt's soon to be graduates. If you were somehow unaware of what we are serving youth these days, look very carefully and tell me if that chicken is from a bird.

FYI, PPS is still using Styrofoam plates and those pears are covered in high fructose corn syrup and cinnamon! YUM! The plate may taste better than most entrees. However, they out did themselves with the fried spicy chicken nuggets and the cornbread was *fire.*

Can I just rant for hot second? Roosevelt HS serves a population where 76% of the students receive free or reduced lunch—meaning many students are eating meals at school for not one, not two, but three meals a day!!! And this is what we are serving them?! Believe you me, this is not the first time I’ve thought about the issue and if the staff wasn’t dealing with the districts highest teen pregnancy rates, dropout rates at 50% and mental and social health issues on an hourly basis, we may be able to get together and boycott the fair.

  Sriracha hot sauce to cover up the taste of almost anything.

Until then, cheers to school lunches and to the 2010 graduates who have eaten Nutrition Services food for the past 12 years of their lives. We love you!

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