29 May 2010

Sandwich Saturdays: Meat Cheese Bread

Chicken Salad Sandwich, $7.95

Saturday. Sandwich day. Not your brown bag sandwich variety though; Saturdays are for complex sandwiches and Meat Cheese Bread stands and delivers (figuratively, they don’t actually do deliveries). Have I ever told you that I used to be a sandwich extraordinaire—making sandwiches at a hole in the wall deli for 3 years in high school? If I know anything, its sandwiches.

 Meat Cheese Bread, with its quaint retro-southern feel, has a short list of 8 sandwiches; each distinctly unique and complex. With a staff suggestion, I decided to try the Smoked Chicken Salad. This sandwich was remarkable. Let’s begin with tender chicken in a smokey mayo with diced water chestnuts for an added crunch. The chicken salad was then topped with grilled onion, slices of avocado and lettuce, all atop a toasted flaky baguette, tasting practically like a croissant. Everything about this sandwich worked; the smokey chicken with the creamy avocado and sweetness from the bread.


My sandwich eating partner in crime decided on the Roasted Mushroom sandwich. I’m not typically a fan of mushrooms, due to paranoia of getting slipped magic mushrooms. However, I put my fears aside and sandwich also packed a huge flavor punch, with sherry onions, smooth and creamy goat cheese and thick, smoky bacon, and frisee on a sweet roll. Be advised, in a matter of minutes this sandwich will melt together and if it’s not consumed fast, you will have yourself a delicious mess, with a soaked roll.

 Everything about Meat Cheese Bread works and I will be visiting again soon to try their Park Kitchen, with flank steak, pickled onions and blue cheese aioli.

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