16 May 2010

This Little Piggy Went to Cochon 555

 Beloved Foodbuzz gifted me tickets to Cochon 555. Probably haven’t heard of this event unless you are a serious farmer, foodie, chef or wine connoisseur. Cochon 555 (French for pig) is a culinary competition to raise awareness for heritage pigs and the 555 comes from 5 top chefs, 5 winemakers and 5 pigs make this event, where each chef creates a tasting menu using, wait for it . . . the whole pig. This event spams 10 metropolitan cities and in the end, one chef is marked the Chochon winner.

 Gabriel Rucker, Le Pigeon
Naomi Pomeroy, Beast
Andy Ricker, Pok Pok
Chathy Whims, Nostrana
Jason Barwikowski, Olympic Provisions

If you are vegetarian, stop reading now and DO NOT SCROLL DOWN! I’m about to show you a picture of a skinned pig head. I’m a carnivore and this was even a lot for me. So before I understood this event in the slightest, I thought some meat heads had gotten together to eat a lot pork. However, after some research, I saw that these foodies are actually saving the world and heritage pigs (pigs that have bloodlines that go back hundreds of years; we’re talking 1700-1800’s) from becoming extinct, due to commercial farmers and a loss of demand. These breeds have distinct flavors that you simply cannot find in commercial hogs.

Local chefs and restaurants are bringing heritage pigs back and tonight I had a sampling from Portland’s finest culinary geniuses.

my favorite: coppa di testa, polenta, grana padano
Olympic Provisions
                            larb, Pok Pok

                                          pulled pork and coleslaw
                                          Le Pigeon 

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