13 May 2010

Lovejoy Bakers.

Egg and Ham and Cheese Sandwich $6.00

Oooh Ristretto Roasters—how I love you. When I wake up in the morning and my eyes are practically swollen shut, I think about swimming in your goodness. Welcome Lovejoy Bakers—Finally a spot that serves Ristretto Roasters in NW. A warehouse-esque bakery that recently opened in the pearl, with clean white walls, lots of seating and good baking and people watching (and sorry to say because I still love my Acai bowls, but who will most likely run Sip and Kranz into the ground if they don't get their act together!). Ristretto Roasters, Egg sandwiches and cute bakers sounds like the perfect
coffee house . . .

Their egg sandwiches are delish—I ordered the ham and egg and added fontina. They have a small menu of only 4 breakfast sandwiches. If you like a more complex breakfast, try their Deluxe Egg Sandwich, which is rich with blue cheese and bacon. All sandwiches are on their homemade ciabatta bread, toasted and spread with salted butter.

 deluxe egg sandwich.


exposed pastry rack.



ristretto's new location on n. williams. 

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