31 October 2010

Pinot; An American Brasserie

Welcome Pinot; the most accommodating and gracious $$$ restaurant I've been to in ages. Ruth Reichl (acclaimed food critic) wrote about the concept of spending money on a meal and paying not only for superb food, but for the experience and service. Nothing is worst then putting down a hefty dollar on a dinner and having the service be mediocre or worst.

Pinot may be new, but the chef and restaurant staff know how to make every costumer feel at home in their French kitchen. We were placed at the "chef's table," where we were able to see and feel all the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and see every exquisite meal being prepared.

Miss. Sarah's birthday dinner at Pinot was complete with a complimentary bottle of champagne (and when asked for strawberries, they implemented with raspberry sorbetto, in which they dolloped into each glass).

While I was obnoxiously taking pictures of cheese their platters, my nose practically touching the place, they simply offered me the plate; "That's an extra, would you like this one for your table? Otherwise I'll just have to give it to the staff."

Would I like a cheese platter?! Do you know who I am?

The dinner was spectacular. I had a "young hen." I wonder how young it was. I hope at least a teenager.

whole roast young hen roasted potatoes, carrot, onion and tomato

baby tins filled with fresh bread
Add captionskate wing potato gnocchi, brussels sprouts, preserved lemon, brown butter

alaskan salmon cauliflower and red potato gratin, horseradish

tagliatelle carbonara pork belly, shaved parmesan, duck egg
Birthday girl and Elizabeth
chocolate mouse

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24 October 2010

A New Beginning: Prasad

Oatmeal, $6.50

Another month of cleansing. No sugar. No dairy. No gluten. No caffeine or alcohol. No fun. This detox is sucking the fun out of life. I'm that annoying patron asking, "is this vegan and gluten free; oh and is there sugar added?--ok, I'll just have water" Ugh. I hate the word gluten-free.

In order to prove to me that my life wasn't over a friend recently took me to this peaceful place in the Pearl, called Prasad. Suddenly I was at a home I never thought would be my home. Health and yoga nuts come from all over to chow down on their all gluten-free/vegan menu . . . oh and I should mention, its delicious!!!

I put on my lululemon generic brand yoga pants, ordered some healthy breakfast and fit right in. There's something tranquil about Prasad. I'm not sure if its the connecting yoga studios energy or the fact that the people eating here are probably well-balanced, healthy individuals who read magazines like Yoga Journal and books on 'mindfulness.' I kinda want to be like them. Oooommmmmmmm.

Their made to order gluten-free oatmeal is a perfect start to any morning with dried figs & currants, Brazil nuts, fresh fruit, vanilla and cinnamon with a side of coconut or almond milk and maple syrup. Its hearty and filled with the combining textures of the apples, bananas, peaches and nuts. Their fruits change from day to day. Lately I wake up thinking about this oatmeal.

I like my oatmeal sweeter then most. I've been known to order the oatmeal brulee from Gravy--encrusted in sugar. Surprisingly the maple syrup and coconut milk add just enough sweetness to this oh so much healthier version.

They juice their own juices and have a wild combination of smoothies. I like the Lucy Blue; blueberries and bananas. I'm dying to try the Stumblebee; peanut butter, cacao nibs, coco powder, Stumptown coffee, banana and the Popeye; spinach, marionberry, blueberry, banana. 

New Cascadia gluten free teff bread with butter and homemade jam.
It's hard to explain this to you, but I left perfectly full and happy and healthy. Thanks Prasad. Gluten-free can be good.

P.S. I promise not to turn this into a Gluten-Free blog

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17 October 2010

The Last Supper. . . Little Big Burger

I have some very, very bad news. Some news that might change my world as I know it, change my blog and on the flip side, change my stomach.

I found out . . . I'm gluten intolerant. I know I about died when I heard this news too. How could I, a foodie and anti-gluten hater be intolerant to the very thing that makes me, well me? No pasta, no bread, no cheesy burgers? How could this be true?

I can't tell you what this will mean for us. I hope you understand. I'll do whatever it takes to keep lots of gluten on this blog. And for those in the G-Free pact, get ready for some blogs dedicated to you ;)

Thank God I stopped by Little Big Burger in the Pearl before I heard the bad news.

A gourmet burger for $3.75, done, I'll take it. Fries coated in white truffle oil? Yes! Over 20 types of canned beer and root beer floats; not to mention their homemade ketchup!!! I love it all.

Catsup or Ketchup?

Root beer float with Tillamook vanilla ice cream.

Your choice: chevre, Tillamook Cheddar or blue cheese


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