17 October 2010

The Last Supper. . . Little Big Burger

I have some very, very bad news. Some news that might change my world as I know it, change my blog and on the flip side, change my stomach.

I found out . . . I'm gluten intolerant. I know I about died when I heard this news too. How could I, a foodie and anti-gluten hater be intolerant to the very thing that makes me, well me? No pasta, no bread, no cheesy burgers? How could this be true?

I can't tell you what this will mean for us. I hope you understand. I'll do whatever it takes to keep lots of gluten on this blog. And for those in the G-Free pact, get ready for some blogs dedicated to you ;)

Thank God I stopped by Little Big Burger in the Pearl before I heard the bad news.

A gourmet burger for $3.75, done, I'll take it. Fries coated in white truffle oil? Yes! Over 20 types of canned beer and root beer floats; not to mention their homemade ketchup!!! I love it all.

Catsup or Ketchup?

Root beer float with Tillamook vanilla ice cream.

Your choice: chevre, Tillamook Cheddar or blue cheese


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  1. your g-free seester says it's gonna be alright! can't wait to read some yummy eats in portland i can actually chow down on! :) xo

  2. If you didn't know you were gluten intolerant than it couldn't have been hurting you much? What are the symptoms? I don't understand.