26 September 2010

Men and Meat: Stepping Stone

Bacon-Spinach-Cream Cheese-Tomato Scramble, w/ a homemade biscuit, $8.25

Last week I had a student ask me if I'd ever tried "The Farm" at McDonald's. "Well no, I don't think I have," I responded, "what is that?" "Its when you order a Double Pounder and a McChicken, put the chicken on the Double Pounder and add bacon. Want me to get you one?"

This must be a high school thing I thought . . . until I went to Stepping Stone and realized this a man and meat thing.

I have these three completely obnoxious friends that I think someday I'll make my bridesmen. They are hilarious, inappropriate, honest to a fault and coincidentally single . . . most likely more protective then my actual brothers, but non the less family. When they are wed, I will cry. Not out of happiness, but rather because sometimes I feel like I'm in a polygamist relationship with them.

We like food. We all like to stuff ourselves silly.

Saturday morning was no exception when we showed up to Stepping Stone (Lucio not surprisingly drunk from the night prior) ready to eat. I had been sick the week before, so found it the perfect excuse to consume my weeks calories in one meal before 11:00 am.

This is how you have to do Stepping Stone: drunk, hungover, diet-free, depressed and/or starved.

Order the scramble. Always ask for cream cheese in it. Substitute the toast for their homemade biscuit. Their biscuits are massive and so buttery. A biscuit a day . . . keeps the doctor astray.

If you are man and want to develope heart disease when you're older or if you're already old and you want to speed up this process, order what the boys got: Smothered B.A.- a slab of chicken fried steak, hash browns, onions, jalapenos, Tillamook cheddar all wrapped into an omelet and wait for it . . . smothered in sausage gravy.

Don't order the Eggs Benedict. This is not the place nor the time.

Order a Mancake, $3.50 to share with the table.

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