26 September 2010

Men and Meat: Stepping Stone

Bacon-Spinach-Cream Cheese-Tomato Scramble, w/ a homemade biscuit, $8.25

Last week I had a student ask me if I'd ever tried "The Farm" at McDonald's. "Well no, I don't think I have," I responded, "what is that?" "Its when you order a Double Pounder and a McChicken, put the chicken on the Double Pounder and add bacon. Want me to get you one?"

This must be a high school thing I thought . . . until I went to Stepping Stone and realized this a man and meat thing.

I have these three completely obnoxious friends that I think someday I'll make my bridesmen. They are hilarious, inappropriate, honest to a fault and coincidentally single . . . most likely more protective then my actual brothers, but non the less family. When they are wed, I will cry. Not out of happiness, but rather because sometimes I feel like I'm in a polygamist relationship with them.

We like food. We all like to stuff ourselves silly.

Saturday morning was no exception when we showed up to Stepping Stone (Lucio not surprisingly drunk from the night prior) ready to eat. I had been sick the week before, so found it the perfect excuse to consume my weeks calories in one meal before 11:00 am.

This is how you have to do Stepping Stone: drunk, hungover, diet-free, depressed and/or starved.

Order the scramble. Always ask for cream cheese in it. Substitute the toast for their homemade biscuit. Their biscuits are massive and so buttery. A biscuit a day . . . keeps the doctor astray.

If you are man and want to develope heart disease when you're older or if you're already old and you want to speed up this process, order what the boys got: Smothered B.A.- a slab of chicken fried steak, hash browns, onions, jalapenos, Tillamook cheddar all wrapped into an omelet and wait for it . . . smothered in sausage gravy.

Don't order the Eggs Benedict. This is not the place nor the time.

Order a Mancake, $3.50 to share with the table.

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19 September 2010

Fancy Mac N' Cheeze

Velvety Mac 'N' Cheese, $5.00

How did I miss this one? It was staring me straight in the face too. I had no clue. I was clueless. Davis Street Tavern's happy hour is now on my hit list. By hit list I mean spots to hit up . . . not shoot up (in case you were confused).

I have one complaint, but I'll wait until after I tell you about this Mac N' Cheese to share it. Davis Street Tavern has incredible, superb, to-die-for, mouthwatering, ooey gooey, cheesy macaroni and cheese. Three cheese  bechamel  they say. I'm guessing . . . an aged white cheddar, cream cheese and a blue or gorgonzola which hits just at the end.

The waiter literally had to pry the plate from my hands.

Ok, so you're lactose intolerant. Not to worry. They have a Bar B Que Pulled Pork Sandwich with Apple Fennel Slaw and Blue Cheese Potato Salad ($5.00).

 Succulent pork. Brightly flavored. Smokey. Ohhh soo good.

One of their specials was Fish Tacos with Guacamole.

Going back very, very soon for the Strip Loin Burger, Crab Bisque and Seared Albacore Carpaccio.

Oh ya my complaint . . . Old Town in the daylight . . . sometimes not so appetizing. Good thing it will start getting dark at 5:00 pm.

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16 September 2010

Practice doesn't make perfect when no one will allow you to practice . . .

Dear Friends and Family-

You are rude.

You encourage me to blog and chip in to buy me a camera that is worth more than my car. Yet, when we go eat you give me devilish looks for pulling out my camera.

Click. You're embarrassing us. Click. The flash is bothering those people. Click. Just let me eat. Click. Those pictures don't look very good. Click. That click sound is annoying. Click. Can we eat yet, can we eat yet??

No you can't eat yet--I'm trying to capture this meal before you destroy it with your man hands.

Until you can handle my new found art and start posing without posing for pictures, the $2.00 a month that I earn from Foodbuzz will not be shared. And next time you call me frantically searching for a restaurant, I'll tell you nothing. Oh and I'm not afraid to put those really hideous pictures of you stuffing your face on the internet.

 So here are the only decent pictures that turned out from our Lorenzo meal . . .


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