16 September 2010

Practice doesn't make perfect when no one will allow you to practice . . .

Dear Friends and Family-

You are rude.

You encourage me to blog and chip in to buy me a camera that is worth more than my car. Yet, when we go eat you give me devilish looks for pulling out my camera.

Click. You're embarrassing us. Click. The flash is bothering those people. Click. Just let me eat. Click. Those pictures don't look very good. Click. That click sound is annoying. Click. Can we eat yet, can we eat yet??

No you can't eat yet--I'm trying to capture this meal before you destroy it with your man hands.

Until you can handle my new found art and start posing without posing for pictures, the $2.00 a month that I earn from Foodbuzz will not be shared. And next time you call me frantically searching for a restaurant, I'll tell you nothing. Oh and I'm not afraid to put those really hideous pictures of you stuffing your face on the internet.

 So here are the only decent pictures that turned out from our Lorenzo meal . . .


Lorenzo's Ristorante Italiano on Urbanspoon


  1. oh dani, you are so italian. i love you!

  2. Dani, how is it possible that the pictures of my beer didn't even turn out? I thnk you should include more beer photos anyway! teehehe, just kidding. i heart your blog mania and you can come take pictures of me stuffing my face in DC any time you want. xo, Annie