31 August 2010

Put the BBQ Away; Summer is Over

Its back to school. Registration is tomorrow. The kids will be walking down the halls in a matter of days. The rain has already begun and overnight the leaves have slowly started to turn. I can't help but get excited about neon post-its, new office supplies and pulling out the blankets. Scalding hot coffee. Stocking up on EmergenC and bleach. Running from my car to  . . . everywhere. Hello fall.

Portland likes to kick it though. We like to pretend it doesn't rain so much; like putting carts up all over the city and having outdoor venues. Amnesia is Portland's way of saying F-it. We refuse to put away our BBQ's; we will prosper, even in the rain. We will eat burgers outside in the fall, winter and on the darkest, dreariest days of spring.

We will sip on beer to keep us warm and on the sunny days we will guzzle it like its going out of style.


Burgers. Sausages. Beer. That's the menu. Take it or leave. I would suggest taking it . . . Spicy Kielbasa?

Their burger . . . makes me feel like summer may never end. So juicy. So flavorful. Especially when reminiscence of charcoal smoke stain my clothes and flood my sense of smell.

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