03 August 2010

Let The Birthday Festivities Begin: Meriwethers.

I'm a little champagne tipsy, stuffed to the brim with dessert and I just happened to have met my future in-laws tonight, so I would say the evening was a success. The "girls" took me out for the start of my week long birthday celebration. I'm spoiled, I know.

Love you girls!
 Meriwether's outdoor patio is incredible. I can't believe I had never been and if you haven't either, I recommend you do so, and stat, before Portland's fall interrupts these calm summer nights. As soon as we sat down we were paraded with complementary champagne and then suddenly we began talking to the most adorable couple from the east coast, who were very aggressively trying to set me up with their son (who apparently is a chef!). The next thing I know I'm seeing wallet sized pictures and they are buying our bottle of wine.

My future in-laws, who also look like they could be my parents.
The outdoor garden
 We practically ordered their entire dessert menu and sampled each one, passing the plates around and around. I hope the pictures speak for themselves. They were superb. Meriwether's has a high price point, but going for dessert and a drink on their patio is a perfect way to enjoy all that they have to offer.

Fresh Fruit Shortcake
Creme Brulee
Chocolate Coffee Torte
My favorite: Limoncello  Custard Pie

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