18 August 2010

Operation Summer Countdown: Ruby Jewel Treats

Ice Cream Sandwich, $4.00

Was it just me or is summer dwindling before our very eyes? I feel like suddenly we are counting down the days until fall quickly approaches and sweaty nights, cut off shorts and fresh basil are only faint memories.

Perhaps this is because I wasted all of July being a sad puppy or maybe its because Portland's summers, although spectacular at their best, don't start until July 1st.

No matter what it is, they go to quickly and for the next two weeks, my goal is to live up summer like its never been lived.

I just couldn't resist myself when I stumbled across Ruby Jewel's new NE Mississippi store front, where you get to choose your cookie flavor and your ice cream. 

Homemade ice cream. Fresh baked cookies. Ice cream in-between cookies = deliciousness.

Chocolate Chip Cookie and Marionberry Pie Ice cream

What are you laughing at . . .?

Wait for it . . . intoxicated shirtless man imitating a baby inside. Weird.

Ruby Jewel Scoops on Urbanspoon

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