06 June 2010

Elephant Ears and Beer

I may have been more excited about the elephant ear than the beer Friday night at Zoo Brew (don't judge). Nothing compliments a beer buzz more than fried dough, melted butter and loads of cinnamon and sugar. When life takes some unexpected turns, you just need to sit back and eat an elephant ear. A staple to the Portland Zoo.

June marks the beginning of elephant ear season—zoo trips, Rose Festival, Saturday Market, Oregon State Fair (etc). Although it feels like summer may never come this year . . . at least we have elephant ears to make us think that summer is in the near future.

For beer enthusiasts, a copious amount of breweries offered tastings- 50 to be exact. You also had the option to purchase more tokens for, yes you guessed it, more beer. There was so much beer, I witnessed four people fall on their faces, including a dear bestie of mine (love ya!). Still, nothing warmed me as much as that elephant ear- hot, crispy, doughy goodness.

Do yourself a favor; celebrate the beginning of summer with one of Portland's finest treats, the elephant ear. You won't get enough.

1 comment:

  1. awesome - now i'm craving an elephant ear! oh and if it was B who fell on her face she didn't tell me.... ;)