25 June 2010

Doughnut Pool Party: Tonalli's Doughnut's and Cream

Deep dark secret: last summer, the students drove me to eat an entire bucket of doughnuts. I know, sick right? I couldn’t eat a doughnut for six months and ever since Voodoo Doughnuts kind of make me weary. But my doughnut eating days are back and in perfect time for school and iced coffees. I'm a huge doughnut fan--probably my biggest vice is binge eating doughnuts. Confession: I used to go to church for the doughnuts. Most recently I have fallen in love with Tonalli's Doughnuts.

Tonalli’s Doughnuts and Cream is a family owned (Roosevelt Roughrider family coincidentally) doughnut and ice cream shop. They began on  Alberta and stuck through when they could have easily been pushed out by some $3.00 fancified doughnuts. Lucky for us, they’ve pushed through and have even expanded to a store on N. Lombard (Yay doughnuts at work daily!). The N. Lombard store looks pretty . . . hmm, how to do I put this . . . sketch? But in all seriousness, both doughnut shops offer incredibly tasty doughnuts that are fresh, fresh, fresh. This is your classic doughnut shop, stocked full with every imaginable variety and for .75 cents apiece it feels like stealing . . . Their cake doughnuts literally melt and I mean melt in your mouth.Their maple bars and twists are light and fluffy and their cake doughnuts glazed to perfection. Try their doughnut holes too.



Came across this blog post: Holy Foods with a fabulous overview of Portland Doughnuts: live it, learn it, love it.

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