16 June 2010

Burger Bust: 23/Hoyt

$5.00 Happy Hour Burger
23/Hoyt went through a little makeover since last summer and this “new American tavern” now offers a $5.00 happy hour burger, which is to die for. Their burger is made with fresh ground beef from Strawberry Farms, white cheddar, aioli on a brioche bun. I’m not sure exactly what makes this burger so delicious—perhaps it’s the white cheddar and brioche bun, making it sweet and savory. The beef is tender and well seasoned and cooked excellently medium rare.

If you are into happy hour burgers or burgers in general, 23/Hoyt should definitely be on your radar. However, be fair warned, their staff needs a straight attitude check. I just called to double check their beef resource and the beezy’s attitude almost just got her Mangia cut! Sit outside so you don’t have to deal with people that think they are the ish for working on 23rd. Ok, now I’m just pissed—but seriously their burger is bomb, so you should try it.

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