28 July 2010

The Night We Drank Port and Ate Chocolate Cake

Blueberry Shortcake and Chocolate Cobbler, $7.00 each

Last Sunday, after a day out under the sun, we showered, put on our Sunday best and went for happy hour at Basta's followed by dessert and port at Serrattos. I'm not posting about Basta's because their happy hour is still under Mangia investigation. The time before last happy hour was delicious and I was astonished by their burger and anti-pasta plate, but this time around, the burger was over salted, the risotto under salted and the spaghetti only mediocre. Its funny how with wonderful people, even bad food can taste pleasant though.

Apparently I am on a happy hour binge; Saturday I had happy hour at Serratto as well, so we went back Sunday for dessert. I must say this restaurant goes quite overlooked, especially for their happy hour (which I'll post about soon). The restaurant is huge and gorgeous with rustic, blue Italian chairs, large wood tables and large windows looking out onto NW 21st. Their outdoor seating is perfect for people watching, but its also nice because its on the quieter end of 21st.

As I said, for this outing we went for port and dessert. Their dessert menu changes daily and on this Sunday they offered a Blueberry Shortcake, with a blueberry sauce, fresh shortcake and creme chantilly (a fancy word for whipped cream, I'm only copying their prestige). The shortcake was moist with a hint a salt and a sprinkling of sugar on top.

We also ordered the Chocolate Cobbler. Why they called it a cobbler I do not know; perhaps for the same reason they called whipped cream, cream chantilly on the menu. The Chocolate Cobbler tasted like hot molten lava cake, minus the hot fudge in the middle. It was delicious and the richness complimented by the homemade vanilla bean gelato.  

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  1. Now that looks good! I've been pondering what to do with my whipping cream and blueberries, I can't bake but I should be able to pull off shortcake, right? Famous last words...