04 July 2010

Forget Taco Bell

Al Pastor Taco, $1.25
The only way to end a night of drunken messiness is with a hardy meal, before passing out makeup and all. For awhile this meant weekend trips to the McDonald’s walk up window and then driving a cab through Taco Bell--which was obnoxiously expensive--but anything to get your fix. Dante’s Pizza is of course in there plenty of times and I often stay away from VooDoo Doughnut because of that story I told you about where I ate an entire bucket of doughnuts. A new found favorite was just discovered and if you knew about this and didn’t tell me, I officially dislike you.

I might be super late on this one, but I was introduced to Taqueria Las Piedritas, on NW 4th and Davis St. Friday night. Taqueria Las Piedritas: a lone midnight taco cart, serving a short menu of classic Mexican, including fresh tacos with homemade corn tortillas for $1.25 and massive burritos for $4.50. Why have we been supporting Taco Bell when this place existed? I’m ashamed. The Al Pastor Tacos were incredible and the homemade tortillas were so fresh. You don't even need to feel guilty, because unlike the Tachos I inhaled  last night this midnight snack is fresh fresh fresh! See you there tonight?

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