19 July 2010

Around the World in Thirty Minutes

N. Greeley Food Carts
 Portland has clearly gone cart crazy—we are off the deep end, obsessed with food carts and these little clusters are popping up on every empty lot. This of course is a major plus for me because I’m cheap.

In my first visitation to the N. Greeley carts, my friend and guest photographer, Barbi Farney and I went to Thailand, Venezuela and Guam. We were very tired upon our return to work. This cart gathering began about 4 months ago and quickly grew to 15 carts. It is quite a nice bunch, with a good array of countries and also a quaint seating area in the middle—something you miss out on during downtown's cartlands. Eating while standing is something I try to avoid.

We began with Pineapple Fried Rice from Sila Thai ($5.50). The rice was brilliantly flavorful and moist, with large pineapple chunks, cashews, carrots and onions. This fried rice was no joke and the serving was HUGE.

Next we ventured to Caraquena, where cart owner Michelle recently moved from her SW 5th and Oak location. Here we experienced the Plate of the Day, featuring a maple beef arepa, sweet chili pork empanada with house cabbage, rice, molasses black beans and a house salad ($7.00). The maple beef arepa was incredibility rich and tender. I could have eaten 5 more.

 We then stopped over to PDX 671, for some Guam cuisine . . . it’s not every day Portland Guam fusion hits the stage. There we sampled their Kelaguen Mannok ($5.75)—tiny chopped chicken, mixed with lemon, grated coconut, peppers and onions, served alongside Titiyas or Chamorro Flatbread; grilled, coconut flavored flat bread. The chicken is very smokey and the flatbread sweet and light. The combination makes for the perfect pairing.

Lastly we grabbed a corn on the cob from Starsky and Husk, oh and an ice cream cone from Scoop. Both delicious.

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  1. The pad thai at Sila is AMAAZING. They do something to their sauce that is different than I've ever had. I go there all the time!