22 July 2010

Let Be and Be Free: Eat McDonald's Breakfast

As Monica wrote, this morning was "just one of dem days." I slept horribly and thought my new neighbors were blaring their TV until the wee hours of the morning, all to find out, I had left my TV on; which really kills me, since I could have slept well had I just turned off my TV. On top of that, last night was some cosmic oddety  with a moon, straight  from Moonstruck, that was shining through my window all night--tricking me into thinking I had to get up every few hours.

The neurotic sleep didn't help matters when I got out of bed, drowned in my coffee, which I clumsily doubled with sugar and suddenly found myself on Facebook when I was just trying to check the weather. Late again, I stumbled into work without breakfast, to find two teens straddling each other. Not the best visual before 9:00 am. Luckily I had grabbed a packet of oatmeal before flying out the door--which I then somehow managed to burn. I burned oatmeal people. How is this even possible?? So the heck with it, I'm sitting at my desk, giving advice to another student on high school boys (could dating in high school be worse then dating in your 20's?) and eating an Egg McMuffin from McDonald's and thinking, I regret not splurging for the hash browns , but life's not that bad: McDonald's really does make everything better.

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