29 January 2010

Another Day, Another Breakfast

Breakfast Sandwiches, $8.95 (very splittable)

Biscuits are a comfort food. They warm you up and make you feel good inside. They add an extra oomph to any meal and turn a boring, so sad breakfast sandwich into something that melts in your mouth. Can we talk about breakfast sandwiches for a second? I love em’. I love having all my breakfast items packed nicely into a sandwich. However, your everyday bread, toasted and loaded up with an egg and cheese will be one giant mess, not to mention the fact that your mouth will be bleeding from the roof top from the toasted bread. There are some cooks who recognize this agony and actually do something about it; Cricket Café keenly places their breakfast sandwiches on a biscuit. Making for a most delicious start to my day.

Cricket Café, on SE Belmont has what I like to call GIANT breakfasts. They are almost all splitable! Cricket doesn’t look like anything special on the outside, but inside is a cute, nicely attired café, filled with Belmont’s hipsters. Don’t worry though, they aren’t exclusive and the vibe inside is not hipsterish in the least.

My friend ordered the Big Farm Breakfast, $9.00. I think they call it the Big Farm Breakfast because there is enough food to feed a farm. The meal includes 2 eggs anyway you like, two crispy slices of peppered bacon, a choice of either challah french toast or a pancake, potatoes or fruit and toast. This meal is HUGE and should be split!

I of course ordered their breakfast sandwiches with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and Canadian bacon ham, on a homemade biscuit, with hash browns. I was thinking one breakfast sandwich would come out and was soo pleased to see two! And their hash browns are cooked up perfectly golden. The breakfast sandwiches are the kind that are dangerously good and make it impossible to leave without being stuffed to the brim. Even after finishing one, I was so full and decided to take one home for my dinner. It didn’t of course last until dinner, but my intention was good.

Cricket Café is all about choices, with an extensive menu—including “make your own scrambles/omelets.” I can’t wait to try their Oatmeal Cinnamon Pancakes next time.

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