20 January 2010

Stinkin’ Stanich’s

“The Special” The World’s Greatest Hamburger and fries, $7.75

I was at the gym this Saturday morning and the trainer standing next to me was blindly telling his client that he was headed to Stanich’s that afternoon. He was describing their heart attack burger and she oohed and ahhed, while dripping with sweat on the bike. My first thought was that I hadn’t been to Stanich’s in ages and my second thought was just pure confusion as to why this idiot trainer was torturing his client by telling her about this must have burger that she clearly shouldn’t have.

Stanich’s, a family owned burger joint on NE Fremont, has been around since 1949 and most likely hasn’t been deep cleaned or upgraded since. This adds to their beloved character—oh so much character at Stanich’s; from their oversized, poop brown vinyl booths, wood siding walls covered in outdated college flags, to their dingy carpet and psychedelic juke box. Don’t worry about leaving crumbs on the floor, they may be the single establishment left that owns a Dustbuster.

These trades make going to Stanich’s like a visit to your grandparent’s basement and that first bite of their unmistakable burger is that much more interesting for them. But nothing and I mean nothing could take away from their burgers. I’m gonna say it; I’m just going to throw it out there: Stanich’s has Portland’s and most likely the NW’s and according to them, the worlds, GREASTEST BURGER. I know, you have your favorite, but nothing, not even the $21 chic burger, trumps Stanich’s. When I say burger, I’m talking about their Special: they start with a soft bun, topped with lettuce, onions and a secret sauce. Then they place a hot of the grill patty of ground chuck with melted American cheese. This is where they get all special on you, adding a piece of ham, then bacon, and topping it off with a fried egg! Pure protein overload. Maybe that woman at the gym could eat it?

Add their house cut fries and some RC or a $3.00 pint and you are set. Splitting this burger isn’t a bad choice at all. Half a burger is plenty filling with fries.

P.S. you will be burping up your Stanich burger for at least 4 hours—but that should be the least of your concerns . . .

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