23 January 2010

Pie for Breakfast? Helser's on Alberta

Pear and Havarti Pie, $7.50

Only a step away from the ever hectic Alberta, Helser’s offers a calm, quaint backdrop to your morning dining. I’ve been hearing about Helser’s for awhile now and with a few hours to spare on a Friday morning, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to beat the long lines which wait outside on the weekends.

Their menu is small and meals stay reasonably priced. I enjoyed their ability to step outside of the typical Portland scramble box (although I do love my scrambles!) and offer Dutch Babies, Pigs in a Blankets and Pepper Bacon and Cheddar Hash. I decided to ignore my constant urge for benedicts and tried the Pear and Havarti Pie: Bartlett pears and havarti cheese baked in an egg custard and served with crème fraiche, fresh fruit and a toasted crumpet.

Paying no attention to its name, I was surprised it came out looking like a piece of pie. But indeed it was a piece of pie, made with creamy egg, almost like a crustless quiche. The thick slices of pear were delicious and the melted havarti added a pleasant touch to the creaminess of the eggs and soft pear. My favorite part was the crème fraiche on the side, bringing a slight tartness to the pie. The crumpet was a nice change from the typical “whole wheat toast”, but disappointingly enough they dropped the ball on the jam. They simply had a small bowl filled with Smucker’s individual jellies. This was an IHOP mistake—we are in Portland; give us some homemade jam please! Even some sweet butter and honey would have been better then these. Nonetheless, the egg pie was unique and tasteful.

I will certainly be back soon to try the Smoked Salmon Hash and of course their Eggs Benedict.

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