17 January 2010

Patty's Got Cakes

Be Bop a Rebop Rhurbarb, $1.50

Ever heard anybody say, “She’s got cakes”? Ok, well I work in a high school, so this term is making its way to the masses and starting with our local teens. It’s slang for meaning a girl has a nice booty. Well, the when I first heard this term, I thought the reference was to cake—cupcakes? Chocolate cake? Coffee Cake? I didn’t know what kind, but suddenly I was searching down the halls for the girl who apparently had cake. To my disappointment, the girl had nothing but a tight pair of jeans.

But then I went to Jim and Patty’s Coffee shop on NE Fremont and realized that Patty really did have cakes—coffee cakes. In fact, the most scrumptious, fruit topped coffee cake in town! Blueberry, raspberry, rhubarb, peach, the list is endless; and each one with a goofy name, like Naughty Supermodel Marionberry. Jim and Patty’s, who in the past few years moved to a brand new location down the street from their old hole in the wall, know about coffee—bold, strong, make you jitter kind of coffee. They are the original Coffee People! Now serving Stumptown coffee, their second specialty, which in my book might even trump the jitters, is their homemade, fresh out of the oven, sour cream coffee cakes. They have so many to choose from, and each one is moist and crumb topped.

Now here’s the secret— the day old coffee cakes sit in a basket next the register and trust me, these are just as good as the day of cakes and for half the price ($1.50, compared to $2.95 fresh). One more thing, if you mourn Coffee People’s Black Tiger drinks and shakes as much as I do, besides the Portland Airport (concourse C West and B); this is the only place in town that still offers them.

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