07 February 2010

By The Way . . . Byways Cafe

Blue Corn Pancakes, 3 for $7.25, 6 for $9.25 or Sunrise Special (one egg, two strips bacon and three cakes) $8.95

Do you need a pancake pick-me-up? Byways Café on NW 12th and Glisan has just the pancake for someone looking for flap jacks that are a little out of the ordinary . . . Blue Corn! Yes, exactly like blue corn chips. These pancakes are thicker than your average variety and if you like texture (I’m big on different food textures) then you’ll love the Organic stone-ground corn meal these pancakes are made with. Do you love corn bread, then you’ll adore these cakes and if you like butter (who doesn’t like butter?) then you’ll just about flip for their homemade honey pecan butter. Drizzle these little puppies with maple syrup and you have yourself a lovely breakfast!

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