07 November 2010

Belly Dance Your way to Morocco: Marrakesh

Sometimes its a Thursday, but it feels like a Friday. Sometimes there's nothing you want more then to just leave, get out of town, skidaddle. But then you realize you have 4 weeks accrued vacation, but no money to go anywhere. And that's when you decide its time to go to Marracco.

"I've been to Morocco" -Margot
"Oh no, this is way better, this is like 'real' Marracan food." -Jerry

We lack restaurants in Portland that transfer you with the restaurants ambiances to the region of the cuisine. This is Marrakesh's speciality. Everything from sitting on plush pillows on the floor, to the waitresses washing your hands in a basin, to the voluptuous belly dancers.

But this isn't the only reason Marrakesh is wonderful--this is simply just the first reason--their food is incredible and if you've never experienced the flavors and textures of Moroccan food, well it will blow you away.

The Marrakesh experience includes a 5 course meal for $18.95. You will leave fuller then you thought was possible. If you are dining with 4 or more people, you can get their Royal Feast, which includes 5 entrees, including a special. I've done this, but nothing and I mean nothing, beats their Honey Plum Chicken. The chicken is coated with a honey plum and almond sauce and falls from the bone. You won't be able to get enough.

I told you this blog wouldn't become all about my new gluten free lifestyle, but for those of you in my same hellish boat, you'll appreciate this info. They were incredibly accommodating about my GF needs. The only thing you can't have is the bread (obviously) and the B'Stilla Royal, which is an egg and chicken in phyllo dough. They switched out the soup, which has a bit of flour, for a vegetable soup, which I thought was better then their lentil soup anyways. Also, they brought me a large salad of my own, since you typically dip bread in the large ones to share.

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    if you guys wannt to come to marrakech next time , do let me know i can provide you with some neat acomodations :) i have pasted the link as you can see .