17 June 2009

Don't Shoot the Messenger: Little Red Bike Cafe

The Messenger, $6.50

When I go out for a meal, especially breakfast, I always try to order something I can’t easily make myself. I often gawk at folks who go out for breakfast and order two eggs, two strips of bacon and toast. Is that not the simplest breakfast ever? And can’t a 10 year old child accomplish this meal without help? Getting to my point, I can make an egg sandwich and do so more than a few times a week. This item was never to be ordered—until I met Red Bike.

Little Red Bike Café takes a staple item, egg sandwiches, but does something spectacular with them. I’ve been hitting up this adorable café on N. Lombard (it’s not often that adjectives and noun go together) for over a year now. They are still fairly new, but locals all over the city flock here!

All their sandwiches are amazing and unique, I can’t seem to get past The Messenger: soft ciabatta bread, an over easy egg, strips of thick, crispy bacon, cream cheese gorgonzola sauce on the top and cinnamon apple butter on bottom. The combination of the sharp gorgonzola with the sweetness of the apple butter is perfect. The only problem: I leave wanting another one! Red Bike is dedicated to local, fresh foods and they always have a vegan/vegetarian option.

Red Bike is known for their incredible attention to detail; the red bike that sits on top of their café, the ever changing specials chalk board that is always a piece of art unto itself, the mason jars they fill with bottles of Coke a Cola and the perfectly arranged fruit that sits on your plate. If I can rip myself away from The Messenger, I am dying to try their BLT and a summer milkshake.

Open: Tue-Sat 8-2
Closed Monday

4823 N. Lombard St.
Portland, OR 97203
(503) 289-0120

To learn more about Red Bike, check out their delicious blog: http://blog.littleredbikecafe.com/
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