02 June 2009

The Perfect Cheese Steak: Philadelphia’s

Mondays $3.62 Philly

Do you dream of Philly cheese steak sandwiches, but feel overly disappointed everywhere you try to buy one? I can’t tell you how many foul hoagies I’ve had and how nothing adds up to the best in town: Philadelphia’s. You would think this simple goodness of a sandwich would be hard to mess up—but countless bars around town try and fail horribly. There is one way to do a Philly and that is just how Philadelphia’s does it: over a foot long of soft hoagie bread, filled with tender steak, sautéd onions and melted American cheese. If that doesn’t leave you drooling, I really don’t know why you are reading my blog. I wouldn’t trust the packaged moon pies, which sit on the counter as dessert, but you will be so full from your giant sandwich you won’t want anything more.

If you don’t live in Sellwood, the trek out there may seem like a jaunt, but trust me you won’t be disappointed! If you have some time on your hands, take the East side esplanade into Sellwood—it will help you work off the calories you about to consume.

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