11 June 2009

Take me on a Tuk Tuk: Tuk Tuk Thai

Salad Roll, $4 lunch, $4.95 dinner

A tuk tuk is a Thai taxi, which are seen all over the streets of Thailand.

Salad rolls: goodness wrapped in thin paper and then dipped in peanut puree. Salad rolls are a Thai staple that are often overlooked. These scrumptious rolls are a light way to start off a large Thai meal or perfect on their own for lunch. Practically every Thai restaurant around town offers them . . . but only Tuk Tuk knows how to roll these suckers like Cuban cigars. I have tried salad rolls all over town and with ever restaurant I am more and more disappointed. They’re either too small or wrapped too loosely, or they leave out key ingredients like the bean sprouts. The worst though, is when they don't give you peanut sauce!

Tuk Tuk’s rolls are tightly wrapped in thin rice paper and filled with lettuce, bean sprouts, shredded carrots, vermicelli noodles, cucumbers and a long slice of tofu. They are sizable and very filling. Their peanut sauce is among the best I’ve ever tasted. Its sweet and chunky—unlike the runny sauces some places serve.

The atmosphere in Tuk Tuk is vibrant, yet casual; especially in their new restaurant on Lombard. Plus, the owner is incredibly friendly and that hospitality is shown throughout the staff. They don’t have a website, so just go check it out!

4239 NE Fremont St N. Greely and Lombard

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