06 June 2009

Sweet Treats for Cheap: Elephants Delicatessen

After 6:30 pm, 50% off Giant Cookies

I love Elephants even without their 6:30 pm price cut; but I sure do feel good when I get the best cookie in town for .75 cents. So good, I forget about the fact that I’m eating a cookie the size of my face. The chocolate chip cookie combines light and dark chocolate chips and the peanut butter cookie has just the right combination of salty and sweet. The cowboy cookie, oatmeal and chocolate chips, satisfies a heartier sweet tooth—all are equally soft and chewy.

An hour before Elephants closes, their deli case goods go 50% off—this includes salads, hot meals, select desserts, bread, etc. More to come on other Elephant favorites!

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