24 April 2010

Organic Living: Portland State University Farmers Market

Bacon Bagel Sandwich $5.50 and Coffee $1.25
Ok, so this new concept of things happening organically in my life has been stirring in my brain lately. I’m what they like to call “a planner” and I’m starting to realize that the more you plan, the less your plans ever live up to your expectations and the things that just happen naturally and spontaneous end up being so much more fulfilling. So last night was a perfect example of starting my new organic party life and the night took me where it wanted to which was to a karaoke bar, which I normally despise, with my best guy friend singing Meet me Halfway (which is also my fall theme song) and my brothers and cousin getting wasted and one of them rapping in that poor little flower man's face. The night was so weird, so unexpected and yet, so perfectly imperfect.

beautiful apples from hood river, oregon

To the food: I decided to continue this organic road I’m on and eat some organic food and what better way to do that then at the PSU Farmers Market? Hung to the over, we took the trolley over to PSU and pushed through crowds to admire the fresh fruit, veggies and baked goods.

My first inkling—Pine State Biscuit stand. I’ve been dying to try these biscuit sammy’s forever now, but I opted out of the 20 minute line and headed to a fresher, more organically available option; Tastebuds. Tastebud bagels are rustically, hand-formed, wood-fired Montreal-style bagels. They are smaller than your typical bagel, but denser and boiled in malt water and then baked in a brick oven. I went for the Bacon Sandwich, which is a bagel, covered in cream cheese, Italian plum jam, arugula and two strips of delicious bacon.

They also have a Rhubarb & Cream Cheese sandwich, Egg Salad & Radish Sandwich and what looked the most delicious was a Lox Sandwich, with smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, onions, capers and pickles.

everything bagel with chive cream cheese

a crowded cafe in the market

fresh bread from fressen

my friend and co-worker alison working at blue gardenia

wanting to take my dad back for an italian sausage sandwich!

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