07 April 2010

Birthday Wishes with Egg Sandwich Dreams: Bakery Bar

Egg Sandwich $6.00

This weekend I’m certain that alcohol will be involved in my Friday night routine, as a very special ‘best friend since kindergarten’ will be celebrating her birthday. I’m also confident that Bakery Bar will be my saving grace on Saturday morning and that’s exactly where you’ll find me.

Bakery Bar is not a bar. It is however a delicious bakery, with the most amazing biscuit egg sandwiches. I die for them. The biscuits are of course made in house and specked with fresh pepper. They are flaky and buttery and absolutely wonderful. Topped with an egg over medium, some white cheddar and ham; I’m in hangover heaven.

Bakery Bar is oh so clever with their 8 breakfast sandwiches (numbered 1-8), adding originality with bacon-apple caramelized onion jam, house prepared sausage, marmalade and pimento cheese. I like to keep it simple with the Number 3. They serve Stumptown Coffee for good measure. Oh and they also have homemade English Muffins—I didn’t know you could make English Muffins, but apparently you can. I would always choose a biscuit over an English muffin though, but please, take your pick.

Don’t forget to bring home dessert for your Sunday dinner—their cakes, cupcakes and tortes are delectable and decorated with intricate detail.

To my Best Friend Bridget, whom I‘ve known for 19 years: I love you like a sister and if I didn’t work for a non-profit, in a failing high school, I would buy you a cake from Bakery Bar, with big bright flowers and raspberry cream inside. Xoxo.

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  1. ahahaha Danielle i love you!!! :)

  2. You are so cute, Danielle! The blog is AWEsome.