08 February 2011

Dick's Portlandia Kitchen

I wondered over to SE Belmont tonight to try Dick's Kitchen and their gluten free burger . . . feeling much in need of some red meat.

I knew I was pretty close to Hawthorne, but really, Portlandia in full force at this joint. We were sat at a long community table, filled literally with 7 kiddlets. Feeling a bit like I had just entered child's happy hour, we ordered a few cokes and our wide eyed vegan waitress asked us if we'd like it sweetened with cane sugar, agave or honey . . . in which Bridget responded, "can you sweeten it with my ass?" Hmmm, "No, sorry." apparently they hadn't figured that one out yet.

Sustainable, local, grass fed, naturally sweetened, baked not fried; any other health conscience buzz words you can think of insert "here." Dick does it the healthy way. Which often isn't the case when you think of burgers, fries and milkshakes.

Chocolate Coconut Bliss Milkshake. Devine. There is NO dairy diarrhea happening from this shake! And guess what, it tastes identical, let me repeat that, identical to your everyday milkshake and yet, there is no dairy. If you don't like coconut, stay away though. For those who aren't familiar, Coconut Bliss is a dairy free ice cream created from coconut; its really amazing.

Their "Not Fries" are air baked (get it, not fried, hence the name). These also taste just like fries and yet are not fried. Wow, healthy can be fun and tasty! The one complaint here, as much as I appreciate house made sauces, I need some Heinz Ketchup when I'm eating a burger and fries--even if they're called "Not Fries." I'll bring some in my purse next time . . . the one sweetened with cane sugar, not high fructose corn syrup, of course.

The burger was lean and tasty. Make sure to slap on their housemade pickles and some whole grain mustard and the spicy garlic sauce.

If you're in the mood for a burger and don't want to feel guilty, head to Dick's. If you've already eaten 2-3 burgers in the span of a week, but need one more, head to Dick's. If you care about your health, head to Dick's. If you still believe in "au natural" head to Dick's.

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