31 January 2011

Nacho Sunday

Growing up my mom used to make giant Nachos. We would have Nacho Sunday's. I didn't appreciate these  as a kid. Shame on me. As a grown up and now one that avoids gluten, I'm pretty into Nachos, especially ones that cost a mere $4.00 and fill four people up.

Casa Del Matador is their name. Nachos are their game. Oh and tequila. I don't drink tequila, but I do eat nachos. Daily from 4:00-6:00 and again from 10:00-1:00, you can order up their piping hot nachos for four buckeroo's. You can also add steak, chicken or chorizo for an additional $2.00. I prefer the chicken. This reminds me . . . the Superbowl is this Sunday and although I don't remember who's playing, I do know that nachos must be present.

These Nachos as an appetizer and a bowl of their Roasted Tomato Chicken Soup, made with a house-made chicken stock and flavored with lime, garlic, cumin, cilantro, onion, tomatoes, polenta and avocado, was overly filling and appetizing beyond belief.

I'll be back very soon to try their Goat Cheese Overstuffed Jalapenos . . . which are stuffed with ummm . . . bacon. Yes, it's true.

**Matador has an online Gluten Free Menu for those in need. Lots of choices and many substitutions can be made.

Casa Del Matador on Urbanspoon

Casa Del Matador on Urbanspoon

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