22 July 2009

A Test of True Indulgences: Nuvrei Patisserie

A secret messenger came to my door tonight—bringing gifts of cinnamon, sugar, flaky croissants and herbed cheese. Yes, it’s true a man brought me two large bags of Nuvrei pastries tonight; surely the way into a women’s heart. So I sat in the living room tasting every scrumptious bite—from the berry brioche to the chocolate almond croissant. And when I was finished, I tucked the white pastry bags away in the kitchen cupboard, making sure not to take one more bite. Then I went back to my plate to lick up every last flake of sugary, crumbly goodness.
A sampling of the very best

Cherry Walnut Scone

This scone is what started me on my Nuvrei fondness. The Cherry Almond Scone is by far the moistest scone I have ever eaten—laced with fresh Italian cherries and small flecks of walnuts. The scone is glazed giving it shine and adding to its delicacy. The fear that leaves many avoiding scones is the dryness and sorrow that only the very middle square inch will be soft and doughy. This is surely not the case for Nuvrei’s Cherry Walnut Scone. Uniquely every piece crumbles off in all the right places and each bite, even the far edges, are as dense and moist as the middle.

Flourless Chocolate Cookie

When the man told me that this cookie was like a brownie I simply didn’t believe him. How could a thin cookie, which looked almost hard, be anything like a fudge brownie? I can’t explain to you how this came to be or what they do to make it this way, but I was very wrong. This cookie is a brownie—or the brownie is a cookie? Its thin and crisp on the outside, not hard, but just crisp enough to make a slight crunch when you chew it. But suddenly the crisp turns to melted chocolate in your mouth. This cookie is sexy, delicate and rich—the perfect remedy for a chocolate extremist.

Wild Berry Brioche

“What is brioche?” I asked. But after I took one bite, I no longer cared what it was or what was in it, just as long as the soft cake was being savored in my mouth. I love how they place whole berries on top, which adds tartness to the sweet lemony cake. A hint of some kind of liquor fills the inside as well and leaves the brioche creamy, yet still dense and flaky all at the same time.

Chocolate Almond Croissant

I have never been to France—but when I go, I want to wake up every morning and before even sipping espresso have a bite of a croissant just like this one. The incredible almond puree filling the inside and laying beneath a layer of semi-sweet chocolate makes this croissant different from the rest. The flaky layers are of course baked to perfection and then it’s topped off with a dusting of powdered sugar. I can’t tell you what this croissant means to me, because quite frankly it leaves me speechless. If you must try one thing, this is what you must eat.

Ham and Cheese Croissant/Turkey Cream Cheese Croissant

Both equally delicious; I wasn’t able to decide which I preferred more. The Ham and Cheese has a thick layer of herbed cheese, which is a nice change from the Swiss many use which leaves croissants greasier than they already are. Like the Chocolate Almond Croissant, the bread itself is sweet and peels into thin strips. These make for a perfect breakfast when you want something both sweet and savory. The quality of ham and turkey is excellent and never dry.

Blueberry Blackberry Scone

Not as delicious as the Cherry Walnut Scone, but none the less a competitor. The combination of both blueberries and blackberries is mouth-watering and the coat of sugar makes for a wonderful texture, which adds to the breadiness of the scone.

To try one of these French delicacies or perhaps one not on the list, you’ll have to seek out a coffee shop around Portland that offers them. Sad day, Nuvrei is only a wholesale bakery. I’ve heard wonderful rumors they may open a resale shop though.

Nuvrei Pastries
404 NW 10th Ave Lower Level 2
Portland, OR 97209
Phone: 503-546-3032

Local Coffee Shops offering Nuvrei Pastries:
Blend Coffee Lounge
Sip and Kranz
World Cup Coffee (only in Powell’s)
Café D’Arte

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