05 July 2009

So Fresh and So Clean: Sip and Kranz

Acai Bowl, $6.50

Sometimes you just need something pure for your body. Sometimes you can’t stomach one more ounce of grease or sugar. And for those times, your stomach is telling you to eat an Acai Bowl. Sip and Kranz’s Acai Bowl is like a thicker version of a smoothie with frozen berry puree, soy milk and apple juice; topped with fresh granola and slices of banana. I can hardly describe to you how refreshing this meal is and how pleasantly full and revived you’ll feel after it’s consumed.

The acai berry, which is found in Central and South America, is a relative of the blueberry and cranberry. Besides being delicious acai has tons of health benefits—because of its excess of antioxidants (it has even more than blueberries!). Over all, the berry makes you feel alert and alive.

If you live in NE you probably first heard or tried Acai Bowls at the best smoothie shop in the world; rest in peace Bibo Juice. After they sadly shut down, Acai Bowls were hard to find. Anna Banana’s makes a really watered down version of them . . . but no one quite knew how to make them like Bibo’s.

Luckily, Sip and Kranz, an adorable coffee shop in The Pearl district, has been whipping up Acai Bowls and they taste just like home. Sip and Kranz Coffee Lounge is definitely on the fancy side of the coffee shop spectrum, but none the less very comfortable, cool atmosphere with lots of separate seating sections and of course a true Portland spot with Stumptown coffee. Sip and Kranz is a perfect place to go by your lonesome with large chairs and tons of outlets for laptops—you definitely don’t feel obligated to strike up a convo with your latte sipping neighbor. They also feature Nuvrie Pastry—mmm. Try the Walnut Cherry Scone (soon to be featured on Mangia).

The best part about Sip and Kranz, besides the acai of course—they are located in Jameson Park. If it’s nice out, head to the grass and watch small cuties frolic in the water.

Hours: Mon-Sat 6:00 am- 8:00 pm
Sun 7:00 am-6:00 pm

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