15 November 2009

Wingin' It

Wings, 18 for 15.95

You those nights that don’t go exactly as planned? When you anticipate a perfect dinner in your head, with a hefty wait that makes you more excited with each passing minute, candle lit tables and unpronounceable entree names. Sometimes those nights just don’t work out and you have to throw out the agenda and wing it.

This is exactly what happened Friday night. Hunger struck a little earlier then hoped and suddenly Fire on the Mountain was thrown into the horizon. Not a disappointing venture in the least. I used to hit up the original Fire on the Mountain, on N. Interstate—this was before they became a big deal; back when their menu was itsy bitsy and they had no dessert. The new Fire on the Mountain, on SE Burnside makes their other shop look like a BBQ shack. Nonetheless, their fancy location continues to uphold amazing wings, yummy grilled and crispy sandwiches, interesting chicken salads and now more choices!!! Being pro-choice, I really value my restaurant friends that allow me this freedom on a daily basis. Sorry to get political on you, but sometimes, I want something specific and when it’s not on the menu, I feel cheated in a way and then like a snob for ordering something off the menu. This isn’t the case at Fire on the Mountain—because they are dedicated to giving their customers many choices. This begins with their array of sauces.

You must be thinking, array of sauces? Isn’t this a BBQ joint? Isn’t there just one BBQ sauce? But no, there isn’t just one, or two or even three—Fire on the Mountain brings the customer 12, count em’ 12 sauces and I’m here to tell you they aren’t all BBQ sauces either! They have Raspberry Habanera, Bourbon Chipotle, El Jefe and even a Spicy Peanut. Now that is some choice.

Since we were wingin’ it, and being the laid back, casual, non-planner that I am, I even allowed my date to pick the sauce, since he claimed the Spicy Peanut sauce on the wings to be “the best.” And although I really doubted this choice—I decided to continue on with my “go with the flow” attitude and trusted that someone else for a change may be right.

And he was right!!! The Spicy Peanut Wings were absolutely delicious—they were a little sweet from the peanuts, perfectly spicy (about a medium) and then with a little added kick when dipped in their sharp blue cheese sauce. I would have never thought of putting a Thai spin on these wings, but it worked.

Next I want to try their new Emma Sandwich, which includes grilled chicken, blue cheese sauce, bacon and the works. And for good measure I think its necessary I try their fried Oreo’s as well.

However, although you will want to lay down after these wings, I will not compromise next time—this is not a to-go meal, you must eat here, allowing for finger lickin’ and all in front of the other patrons.

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  1. Google Help Team15 November, 2009

    I personally enjoy this wings when taken to-go.