28 September 2009

Waffles for Everyone: Flavour Spot

Waffle Sundae, $5.00

Needing something sweet to hit the spot? Why not try fresh baked waffles, drizzled with chocolate syrup and filled with chocolate and vanilla swirled soft serve ice cream? Or, how about marshmallow fluff and Nutella in-between a crisp, hot waffle—tasting just like a giant S’more? Still not enough? What about something more savory—like sausage and maple syrup wrapped within a waffle. All delicious, simple and spectacularly down home, when bought off a cart on Mississippi or better yet, N. Lombard.

With two locations, Flavour Spot has begun what Portland will soon know as the waffle fix, serving something called "dutch taco's." Who doesn’t like waffles? Think about it. Name one person that doesn’t like a waffle. You can’t. How perfect a niche they have found! With a full menu of waffle options, ranging from sweet to savory, the Spot can feed just about anyone. Feeling weird about sitting on their fold up lawn chairs, on top of a gravel parking lot, adjacent to a torn down lumbar thing? You shouldn’t, because you’re eating a waffle filled with ice cream.

Now about that waffle sandwich . . . I really didn’t know what to expect. I ate it with a fork and each bite was better than the first. The waffle was crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside—thin enough to be wrapped around the soft serve, which, just to be aware of, is real ice cream and not non-fat yogurt. Don’t be fooled by its consistency; this is the real deal. What really just made this dessert was the chocolate syrup that soaked into the warm waffle. I also won’t lie and must tell you that this dessert isn’t meant for one person. The person I was “sharing” with didn’t really understand the importance of actually taking half, because with that much lactose, you are bound to have a pretty hefty stomachache after consumption. But once that went away, I was just left with the memory of the Friday afternoon I ate a waffle sundae for dinner.

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