27 August 2009

Going, Going, Gone: One Week Left for Berry Milkshakes

Burgerville Blackberry Milkshake, $3.19

Burgerville, my precious gem of local fast food, is about to end their seasonal berry milkshakes. They start out the summer with strawberries, move to raspberries in July and now they are finishing up the last bit of blackberries. Growing up, my parents always made a point to take my brothers and me to get these yummy shakes . . . well until my younger brother developed a rare allergy to milk, which supposedly closes his esophagus. We still don’t really believe him though.

Burgerville sticks to the basics, using Oregon blackberries, grown on the Liepold family farm, which sits on 260 acres in Boring. They then pour in some milk, fill the rest with ice cream and stir away. This is as classic as milkshakes get and I just love the bites with ripe blackberries!

Ok, now for the insiders trick: Burgerville shakes, like any milkshake, hold a hefty amount of calories. However, you can ask for your shake to be made with non-fat frozen Yo-Cream yogurt, to cut out 270 calories and 27 grams of fat! That is over half the amount of calories in the shake and I swear, you can’t notice a difference in taste.

The shake girl told me they would keep making the shakes until they run out of the blackberries, but if you miss out, don’t forget that their classic chocolate shakes are unbeatable and fall will bring Oregon Hazelnut Chocolate Shakes.

Look--They even recycle and compost!

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