21 March 2011

Salad Rollin'

I have a sick obsession with Thai salad rolls. I think about them more then I probably should. Recently I discovered that, what used to be Sweet Basil Thai--now Oasisba, has delicious salad rolls for $2.25 during happy hour!!! This steal is beyond spectacular. Now from 5:00-6:30 daily I'm haunted by my salad rolls.

Oasisba is a little "different" then your average Thai joint. Not only because they offer Thai infusion, but because their servers are men dressed as women doing stand-up karoke throughout the evening. Yes, its exactly what you are picturing: drag queens taking your order, but before placing it, jumping up on tiny 5x6 foot stage to sing some show tunes, Celine Diane and even some Florence in the Machine.

This makes for a tiny bit of awkwardness when I have to get my salad roll fix by my lonesome, as I'm doing now. Those passing by doing a double take and for the life of me I can't figure out if it's because I'm sitting alone in a drag queen restaurant or if they are thinking what I am thinking, which is damn he's really hot for a girl??!

So now I'm sitting here jealous that his legs are much nicer then mine and that I'm a loner eating salad rolls in a drag restaurant as people judge me. Let me reassure you though. . . I'm perfectly content: salad rolls, Willamette Weekly in hand and watching you stare at me, as we both wonder if "you're thinking what I'm thinking."

Oh and if you're wondering about anything else besides the salad rolls . . . I'm not too impressed. Its average Thai food, but the major perk is their entertainment. My roommates love their House Special Curry, which is a yummy peanut sauce curry. Their happy hour menu is large, but practically everything else is fried. My advice is to go for a pre-dinner/gym/yoga /after Oprah snack.

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12 March 2011

Hiatus . . .

I'm sorry I've been away from you lately. It's not that I haven't been eating either--its just that I haven't been eating like I was. On these dark and rainy days I cook because putting on boots and running from car to restaurant gets oh so old. For that, I am sorry. Don't fret though, as soon as we get to spring, I'll be that full force restaurant goer you've grown to know.

Joy The Baker

And the only thing I want is this sweet sweet cinnamon pull apart bread from Joy The Baker. I took away dessert for lent. Jesus-please poke my eyes out. I wonder if its possible to make it sans gluten and sugar??!